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A Vaguely Chronological Year and a Half (Part 4: Hush Money)

- Round Up IV: And Here You Thought It Was Just Going To Be A Trilogy... -

About six months into living back in Mass, I stumbled my way into a newly formed Indie/Blues Rock outfit, Old Flame (the brainchild of Valley songwriting partners/Crazyface Pipes-For-Days Duo/Resistance Anthem Aficionados Emma Ayers and Sam Perry, now featuring myself on the bass and the Pocket-King and One Of The Only People To Whom I Will Lend My Cymbals, Ken Birchall holding down the drums). We've been gigging steadily since late winter of last year, with things picking up steam in the recent months: March closed out with the release of the group's second EP (first that Ken and I were a part of recording), "Hush Money," which was a blast to put together and even more fun to tour behind. A few weeks back, we dropped a live-in-studio session of a new tune, "Dead Wrong," which we tracked at Ghost Hit with the help of Andrew Oedel and Melissa McClung on the "Making Us Sound and Look Good" fronts, respectively. We'll be swinging back through Ghost Hit to do some tracking for our upcoming record over the summer, but more to come on that front soon!