Best // Mann

Indie-Folk/Art-Rock by Nate Mondschein


Press Clips

Nate's work has been featured in a variety of wonderful music publications. Here's a few samples:


For the Love of Bands: “MCO” Review - (9/16/2019)

“For some artists, it takes years to find their honest voice while others never find it at all. Then some seem to be born with their heart on their sleeve and their life on their lips. ‘Best Mann’ (aka Nate Mondschein) is one of these artists.”


B-Sides and Badlands: “MCO” Review [Taste Test series ] - (9/11/2019)

"‘MCO’ veers across an off-kilter soundscape, his raw, unnerved emotions in stark proportion to the reality that stands as clear as day before him. ‘Think I went overboard now,’ he sings. His musings, decorated through grainy filters, are best served scalding hot, and as such, his performance is undeniable.”

Queen City Sounds and Art: “MCO” Review - (9/12/2019)

“…the lush atmospheres and slow dynamic wave of the song is a recognition of this reality and attempt to honor the impulse of connection without shame as well as the human emotional limitations that often go unacknowledged.”


Caesar Live and Loud: “MST” Review - (9/27/2019)

“…[Best Mann] intertwines both acoustic and electric guitars to soar over an infectious drum beat, thus creating such a captivating sound…his smooth vocal delivery enhances the emotion of the lyrics and flow effortlessly over the infectious production.”


Pretty In Noise: “MCO” Review [Roundhouse Love series] - (9/4/2019)

“...not just an incredibly beautiful song, but a daring one...