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A Vaguely Chronological Year and Change...(Part 3: FOCUS)

- Round Up III: Return Of The Roundup -

This past February, Songwriting Savant, Sax Man Extraordinaire, and Perpetually Wonderful Human Spencer Hattendorf dropped his debut album "Focus" (engineered by SoundMasterGeneral Andrew Oedel at his Ghost Hit Recording home base)  which I was lucky enough to do drum and production/arrangement/miscellaneous noise-making work on alongside similarly wonderful buds (including but not limited to) Reed Sutherland, Garth Taylor, Jess Best, Killian Karlsson, Colin Jalbert, and the best percussionist I've ever worked with, Ms. Ivy Olcott. The tracking session for this was a one-weekend marathon with Spence, Andrew, Reed and I, and ended up being easily one of the most enjoyable experiences I've ever had in the studio (theme alert: If you need to record, you should check out Ghost Hit Recording). Check the record out at the link above, and stay tuned for some show dates from Spence, who's been doing some solo gigs behind the record for any of you NYC folks.