Best // Mann

Indie-Folk/Art-Rock by Nate Mondschein

Second Single "MST" Now Available (In All The Usual Places)

You heard it here first (unless you heard it somewhere else): “MST,” the second Best Mann single ever, is now available on all your favorite and least favorite streaming services. You can find some direct links right here.

Like many of the songs on ‘...And the Sky,’ #MST is about my friend and bandmate, Claire. I’ve never been particularly comfortable (or capable) with tributes, and her life/her passing have always felt too big to wrap my arms around; so in this case, the song focuses on the smaller moments of grief and grieving, unfolding them in a sort of one-sided conversation (a framing I didn’t realize I was relying on until after I had finished recording). It’s a heavier song, but one that tries to not carry that heaviness as too much of a burden. At least that was the goal. “MST” is out in the world now, and I would love for you to hear it, whenever that feels like something you would want to do. Another enormous thank you to Andrew at Ghost Hit Recording and Brian at Magic Garden Mastering for helping to bring this song to life in such a wonderful way.