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Indie/Art-Rock/Alt-Pop by Nate Mondschein

October Update

Hope you're all enjoying the finally fall weather! It's been a busy stetch the last month and change, so just wanted to pass along a quick update on what's new in the Nate Mondschein Music world:

-The Rooks put out a new video of our "Latch" cover, which we shot on tour back in august. Definitely one of my favorite cover's we've done, so I hope you take a second to take a look.

-Speaking of Rooks, we've got two shows this week at CMJ in NYC, first on 10/14 (Rockwood II, 10pm) and second on 10/15 (Arlene's Grocery, 8pm), and they should be a blast, so hopefully you can make one or both! 

-Trot Fox is gearing up for a tour with our good bud /one of our favorite acts/amazing musician who I've been fortunate enough to play with a number of times, Henry Hall. That'll be coming right around the corner in November, so keep your ears peeled...if that's a thing...

-I started writing for a new blog! Every so often I'll be tossing some posts up on, so swing by there to take a peep at what's going on. First two up were on Unknown Mortal Orchestra and Roman GianArthur, in case your particualrly into either of those artists! 

That's it for now, but definitely some more things on the horizon, so stay tuned, and until then, keep enjoyin the fall, a whole bunch of love to everybody!