Best // Mann

Indie-Folk/Art-Rock by Nate Mondschein

A Fall/Winter/Seriously-What-Season-Are-We-In? Look Ahead

Theres a whole lot coming as we lead into the holiday season, so I wanted to throw another update out there to keep everybody in the loop.

First and foremost, swing by the shows page for details on the next few upcoming gigs! But for a quick run through:

-Tonight (Tues), 7:30pm @ Friends and Lovers: double duty with Josh the Word and Trot Fox

-Saturday 11/22, 8pm @ 61 Local: Jess Best Album Release Party

-Friday 11/28, 7pm @ Katonah Library w/ Jess Best

-Saturday, 12/06 10:30 pm @ DROM: The Rooks Single Release Show (rooks hit at 11:30)

Which leads nicely into a couple of other things on the horizon:

-Gone Baby (Jess Best) Album Release: Just a couple months shy of a year ago, I started rehearsing for what would turn into one of the most incredible session experiences that I've ever had. On this saturday, the 22nd, Jess Best's unbelievable debut album will be set free to do some serious damage to the rest of the world. Jess is on some next level ish. I could not be more honored to have been a part of the recording and production of this album, nor could I be more excited for people to finally hear it. Come through the show on Sat if you're in the city and if not, make sure to grab the album when it drops! 

-"Intermission (Wires)" single release: The Rooks are still grinding hard in the studio to finish up our sophmore EP, but that doesn't mean we can't let you hear any of the music! The second single (and title-ish track) off our upcoming Wires EP will be out early next month, and we're unbelievably excited for you to hear it, so stay tuned for details on where to grab that

-SIXTAPE EP Release: Emcee extraordinaire, longtime collaborator and good friend Josh Smith (Aka Josh The Word) has been quietly putting together some of the craziest hip-hop I've heard in a good while, prepping for a number of releases in the coming year. I've had the pleasure to both help out with/perform/get a sneak peak at a bunch of it, and can't wait for the rest of y'all to hear it. The first batch of this new new is dropping this coming month in EP form. Get excited, and stay tuned for details on that to come.

Thats it for the time being. Keep enjoying this schizophrenic season we're having, and I'll hopefully see ya at a show sometime soon!