Backlit by a looping Mellotron hook, “MCO” follows a past relationship through a series of snapshot moments, in the process unpacking how the artist’s need to feel love in a cinematic sort of way drove him towards grand romantic gestures (which more often than not left one or both parties hanging when they could not be sustained). It's a song about recognizing your patterns and owning/accounting for the ways in which those tendencies have impacted the people in your life. MCO is the lead single off the debut album under the Best Mann moniker, ...And the Sky (out in full 10/25/19). As with the rest of the album, it was entirely composed, produced, and performed by Nate Mondschein, with recording done between Nate’s studio Echo Base Production & Ghost Hit Recording with Andrew Oedel.


“Hudson // Holland” was one of the first songs officially written for …And the Sky. Framed within the context of a car ride from NYC to NJ for a band rehearsal, the track traces the grief over a former bandmate’s passing back to an earlier time they spent together, at once working to remember and honor the best parts of the friendship and collaboration, while struggling with the guilt of personal anxieties and an inability to fully appreciate those moments when they happened, or to carry them forwards in a consistently positive way. The song’s off-kilter pocket and jangly guitar hook lends itself to that same unbalance, stumbling from beat to beat and never allowing the listener to fully settle, even as the grove becomes more stable and familiar. As with the rest of the album, “Hudson // Holland” was entirely written, produced, and performed by Nate, primarily at his studio Echo Base Production. Drums were tracked @ Ghost Hit Recording with Andrew Oedel.