Best // Mann

Indie/Art-Rock/Alt-Pop by Nate Mondschein

Apologies For The Disappearing Act!

Well hey there. Its been an absolutely crazy month and change, and I've definitely let things slip here, so I wanted to start back up with a quick update about things on the horizon. So without further ado, some things I hope you'll stay tuned for in the coming month(s): 

-Shows on shows on shows! Details on the shows page itself, but the highlights through September are:

-Rooks Single Release Show @ Mercury Lounge! (9/27): check this video for a taste of some of the nonsense thats about to go down. Also my birthday weekend. This is gonna be nuts.

-Jess Best @ The Shrine (9/19): first full band NYC show! Gonna be a party.

-Sugarbad Residency @ Pulqueria (every tuesday, 9pm - 12 pm): 3 hours straight of funk and soul. Not a whole lot more you could ask for. 

-Some great new music coming out soon with The Rooks, Jess Best, Kush Mody, Trot FoxJosh Smith, and Henry Hall (I'll hype each of these a lot more as the actual release approaches. 

That's it for now, but definitely more to come!